3rd World Master Course: Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment


Do you want to learn, in a practical way, the most updated evidence based clinical practice for your scoliosis patients using the best e-learning educational tools, and without moving from your busy office? This is the Course for you!

The first two editions were indeed a great success, involving participants coming from all five continents, engaged in an ongoing learning process that is actually both captivating and effective. A participant commented:
"I am continually impressed at the standard of the material presented in the ISICO master course. Great work! I do not think most of the students know how lucky they are.  It took me many years, hundreds of hours of travel and thousands of dollars in course fees to learn similar information."

Online registration open now for the 3rd edition of the Master Course, endorsed by the international scientific societies ESPRM and ISPRM.

39 lectures provided by the most recognized experts in this field, discussion groups, live tutoring sessions delivered from February to October 2018.

The Faculty includes professionals currently considered as the most recognized experts in the field worldwide, including Past Presidents of SOSORT, SRS and ISSLS 

Carl Eric Aubin (CA), Angelo Gabriele Aulisa (IT), Federico Balagué (CH), René-Marten Castelein (NL), Christine Coillard (FR),
Elisabetta D'Agata (SP), Jean-Claude De Mauroy (FR), Lori Ann Dolan (US), Sabrina Donzelli (IT), Steven Glassman (US),
Theodoros B. Grivas (GR), Timothy Hresko (US), Tomasz Kotwicki (PL), Stefano Negrini (IT), Joe O'Brien (US), Manuel Rigo (SP),
Ferran Pellisé (SP), Charles Rivard (CA), Michele Romano (IT), James Wynne (US), Fabio Zaina (IT)

Detailed information in the new Course website (www.scoliosismaster.org), where you can TRY FOR FREE a lesson of the Master Course!

Don't miss this great training opportunity, and register within the 15th of December 2017 to take advantage of the discounted fees! Special discounts for ISPRM and ESPRM members, Residents in PRM and for people coming from Lower-Middle Income and Low Income Countries.

Secretary of the Course:  Gaby Engelhorn - online.master@isico.it